Sustainable gift!

Meco is a line of wedding favors and gift items signed Made Up Design. Born from the desire to convey the same emotions we experience in realizing our projects, through the use of cardboard, an ecologically sustainable and multi-faceted. Meco is the perfect gift to be remembered not overdo it. Ideal for any event, our […]

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Made Up Design

Ecological and completely eco-compatible Made Up’s creations uniquely furnish and personalize rooms and spaces.

The outdoor fixtures are made out of waterproof materials that preserve the characteristics of the piece while rendering it entirely washable.

With furniture from Made Up, every setting has that touch of originality that never ceases to amaze!


Recept your way!

Recept is the location of the line MADE UP TECH Eco – solid and sustainable for your workplace. Practical and easy to assemble is available in different sizes. Receptacle is totally customizable, for example with your company logo. MADE UP TECH Eco office supplies.

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A Solid Idea

Made Up is an alternative design concept.

Years of experience in planning and technical production have allowed us to create line of new age furnishings that are charming and unapologetically unconventional. Our pieces are exceptionally resistant while maintaining a stand out high impact personality.